Mud Island Park

No better view of Memphis
from the Mississippi River


Mud Island Park sits in the heart of the Mississippi River, a short walk from downtown Memphis. The park features a scale model of the Lower Mississippi River, an 18-gallery river museum, a 5,000-seat concert venue and fantastic views of the Memphis skyline. Mud Island Park is open every day from dawn to dusk. The Mississippi River Museum is closed for the season.


See 20 different cities without leaving Memphis


The Riverwalk is an exact scale model of the Lower Mississippi River. Merging with the Ohio River, flowing through Cairo, Illinois and zig zagging 954 miles south to the Gulf of Mexico, this replica passes 20 major cities and watersheds. Designed by the Corps of Engineers, the Riverwalk is composed of over 1,700 concrete pieces and runs about 5 city blocks.


Relive river History

The Mississippi River Museum is made up of 18 galleries and exhibits that cover 10,000 years of Mississippi River history. See how early settlers navigated the river, hear river folklore and stories, understand the importance of the river in the Civil War and explore the role of the river as a modern-day transportation route. The museum contains more than 5,000 artifacts including two full-size boat replicas you can board and explore. 

Closed for the season - will re-open in the spring.


See a Live Show Under the Stars

The Amphitheatre is one of the most unique and spectacular live music venues in Memphis. The intimate 5,000 seat outdoor venue has hosted artists such as Nora Jones, The Avett Brothers, Alabama Shakes, Widespread Panic and Journey. 

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Get There

Mud Island Park is a short walk from downtown Memphis. Access the elevated walk bridge at 125 N. Front St. and enjoy spectacular river views on the 1/3 mile walk across the bridge. Garage parking is available for $6. Card only, cash is not accepted.

Mud Island Park is also accessible for pedestrians and bikers on the island itself via the North Gate to Island Drive.

A monorail runs beneath the walk bridge and operates during concerts and select special events.


Come to the river.