Greenbelt Park

Open dawn to dusk.

Get Here

Take the AW Willis bridge to Mud Island and turn right onto Island Drive. Greenbelt Park is on your left.

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Bike Share

There are three Explore Bike Share stations in Greenbelt Park, one at each parking lot.


There are three public parking lots in Greenbelt Park. The south and central lots are open 6AM-8PM. The north lot is open 3AM-Noon.

This is your park. Enjoy it and help keep it clean, safe and beautiful.

Be cordial and respectful to other park users.

Pick up after yourself, your children and pets and use all designated trash receptacles.

Visitors may be subject to video monitoring while in the park.

Walk Your Dog!

Dogs are welcome in all Memphis River Parks. Please make sure to keep dogs on a leash unless in a designated dog park.

Play a Game!

Bring your balls, games, hula-hoops, bags and activities and enjoy them in the park.

Work Out!

Run, train, hula-hoop… whatever you do to keep fit, you can do it in Memphis River Parks. Please be mindful of others who may not be moving through the park as quickly as you.

Take a Photo!

Take advantage of the most beautiful spot on the Mississippi River to shoot your best selfies. Tag us @memriverparks and use #cometotheriver.

Have a Picnic!

You’re welcome to bring a meal to enjoy with family and friends. No alcohol please.

Make New Friends!

Say hi to someone you don’t know and chat about what you love about Memphis.

But Don't:

Drink or sell alcohol without all relevant city permits and prior authorization from the partnership.

Vend or sell food or drinks without prior authorization from the partnership.

Close the park, or a section of the park, to public use. Inquire about park rentals here.

Destroy or tamper with grass, trees, plantings or flowers.

The Memphis Riverfront started from a vision.

The Memphis Riverfront Concept is a vision document prepared by Studio Gang for the City of Memphis and Memphis River Parks Partnership describing a sequence of actionable investments to build a connected, catalytic and fun riverfront.

Guided by the Concept, the Partnership has prioritized investment into the most visible section of the riverfront adjacent to downtown. Two major projects, River Garden and River Line opened in November, 2018. The remediation of the historic Cobblestone Landing and the new Tom Lee Park will begin in 2021. 

Download the concept and see before and after images of Tom Lee Park here.


Host your next event at the river.

There are many options to host weddings, birthday parties, family reunions and more at the riverfront. We charge rental fees based on the impact to the park and to the public.

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